Start Analyzing Your Google Analytics Reports

The ultimate goal of web analytics is to improve your site and marketing. To do this, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. And if something isn’t working, you need to understand why not and how you should begin optimizing it. In other words, you need to come away from your analysis with a list of to-do’s.

Many Google Analytics users read the reports without knowing what to do with them. For most people, reports seem to satisfy curiosity more than inform any kind of action.

Having clean data and actionable reports is one thing, but it is another matter altogether to know how to read them and respond. These articles will help you analyze your reports. They will step you through both fundamental and advanced web analytics concepts.

Next Steps

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Google Analytics for Intranets

Does your company use Google Analytics to track Intranet websites? If so, there’s a slight problem:

Google Analytics isn’t designed for Intranets