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Does GA Tracking Code Slow my Website?

The quick answer is “probably not” but you can verify this with a few minutes of investigation.

Track Emails in Google Analytics

When you send out marketing emails or occasional newsletters, you can use Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your emails. You can also use it to determine how to format your emails and what types of information to include.

Tracking Campaigns in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a simple way to track any marketing that drives traffic to your website without making any changes to your account.

To track marketing campaigns, simply insert campaign information into the landing page’s query string.

Does Google Analytics Provide Data Privacy?

It’s no surprise that Google Analytics is used by a staggering number of websites around the world. Google Analytics has lots of advanced reports, looks great, and it’s free. But for all the features Google Analytics has, it has some issues as well.

Troubleshooting Google Analytics

If things don’t seem quite right, these articles can show you where to look for answers. There are red flags to watch for in your reports that signal that your implementation is wrong or perhaps that somebody is using your code on their site.

Should You Exclude Internal Traffic From Google Analytics?

Suppose you’re analyzing visitors on a company’s website, and traffic from employees is included in the study. Would the results of the study be more customer-focused if the internal traffic were excluded? Definitely.