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Google Analytics Recommended Tools

We have reviewed and hand-picked these valuable tools to extend the usefulness of Google Analytics. Each of these tools is unique in its ability to integrate with Google Analytics or complement its offerings.

Try these tools today to increase ROI and achieve a more complete understanding of how visitors interact with your website.

Digital Analytics Software

Angelfish Software complements Google Analytics by providing reports that Google Analytics does not provide, like IP addresses, usernames, and individual visitor clickpaths. While Google Analytics gives a great aggregate view to spot trends, Angelfish fills the gap by providing visibility to individual visitors. This allows for more accurate behavioral analysis at the visitor level.


Data Security
Angelfish is on-premises web analytics software. You install it your own environment, and your data doesn't leave your network unless you want it to. Angelfish is great for intranet sites, secure networks, web applications, or any environment with sensitive data.

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No Data Sampling
Have you ever seen a sampling alert in Google Analytics (i.e. "this report is based on X% of visits")? You won't see one in Angelfish - Angelfish shows you everything. No API limits, no pageview or visit limits, and no data collection limits.

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Process GA Tracking Requests
If you keep a local copy of Google Analytics' tracking requests, you can process them directly in Angelfish. This function used to be handled by Urchin Software, although Google canceled Urchin in 2012.

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GA Upload
Angelfish provides reports that don't exist in Google Analytics, like:

  • File Downloads
  • Site Errors
  • Bandwidth & Stolen Bandwidth
  • Status Codes

Angelfish also has a feature that will upload data from these reports directly into your Google Analytics reports.

There are many more ways Angelfish can help you. Learn more at:


Pinnacle Cart is an e-commerce solution that integrates with Google Analytics seamlessly. It was built by marketers for marketers, so it focuses on how visitors interact with your site.

Pinnacle Cart is an all-in-one solution. It is completely customizable, and it features reports and analysis on your store's sales performance.


Page Design Tools
Pinnacle Cart includes tools for designing the store front and laying out the catalog. With the WYSIWYG editor, you don't need to be a programmer to create your site.

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Pinnacle Cart has built-in analytics tools to track orders, shipments, pageviews, click-paths, etc. These fill in some of the gaps that Google Analytics leaves.

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Live Chat
Pinnacle Cart has a live chat module so that you can interact with visitors to your store. It shows you a live list of visitors on your site and what they are doing.

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