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IP Range Regular Expression Builder

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn't show IP addresses in the reports. But you can apply a filter to IP addresses - this tool takes a range of IP addresses and generates a single regular expression that matches all IP addresses in the range.

If you need to see IP addresses in your web analytics reports, use Angelfish Software.

Step 1

Enter the first IP address in the range.

First IP Address:*


Step 2

(Optional) If there are multiple IP addresses, enter the last IP address in the range. If this field is left blank, the tool will create the regular expression for the single IP address entered in step 1.

Last IP Address:


Step 3

Copy and paste the results below into the "IP address" or "Filter Pattern" field of the "Create New Filter" page.

Google Analytics for Intranets

Does your company use Google Analytics to track Intranet websites? If so, there's a slight problem:

Google Analytics isn't designed for Intranets