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Free Tools for Google Analytics

Find free tools here to help you leverage Google Analytics.

Convert IP Address Range to Regular Expression

Regular expressions for number ranges can get complicated. This tool can turn any IP or range of IP addresses into an accurate regular expression, to be used in a Google Analytics / Angelfish / Urchin filter.

If you want to verify the results, you can always test them in our regular expression tester.

Regular Expression Tester

This is a tool that we use a lot internally. It uses the same basic regular expression engine that Google Analytics and Urchin do. Use this tool to see whether your regular expressions are working before you use them in a filter or goal. Or use it to troubleshoot regular expressions that don't seem to be working the way that they should.

Code Generator

This generator will create custom tracking code for your site by asking simple questions about your site and how you want your traffic tracked. It supports customizations to visit lengths, campaign windows, multiple domains and tracking to multiple Google Analytics accounts.


LinkTagger complements the Google Analytics tracking code. This wizard will create customized code that will automatically tag links on your site for tracking multiple domains, outbound links, downloads and mailto links. Place this generated code underneath the tracking code on every page and then install a small file on your website.

URL Builder

The only consistent way to track marketing efforts that are driving traffic to your site is to use campaign variables. This tool will help you to create a destination URL for any kind of marketing you may be doing. Each variable includes a brief explanation of its intended use is.

Using campaign variables in your destination URLs will automatically populate your Google Analytics reports with visit and conversion information for everything you do to bring people to your site.