Analytics Market Chart


Free Help

Google maintains a library of Google Analytics support resources online. These include help documents, a help forum and training materials.

Paid Support

In addition to free support, Actual Metrics offers paid support options for Google Analytics. Founded by a former Googler, Actual Metrics provides in-depth help for complicated situations. We offer annual support plans in addition to more general consulting options, customized to fit your needs.

Custom API Development

Actual Metrics can assist your company with development projects that use the Google Analytics API. Please contact us for more information.

Set Up

Taking into account your objectives, we can guide you through the process of placing customized tracking code on your site, cleaning up the reports in your account and setting up goals to make those reports more actionable.


Actual Metrics can help you analyze your reports to make the most sense of them. We can help you understand what different metrics mean. We can help you determine what to do next or where the trouble spots seem to be.


We have been working with Google Analytics since before it was called Google Analytics. We have seen firsthand most problems and can help you to solve them. If reports don't look right or something isn't being tracked, we can help.


Actual Metrics provides training for organizations large and small. Whether you need help understanding basic navigation or examples of how to use advanced features, we customize our trainings for each client's needs.