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Mobile GA version 1.01 for Android Released!

A new version of Mobile GA has been released for Android. This new release fixes some bugs and adds more functionality.

Search for Profiles and Accounts

If you have access to multiple accounts and profiles, the new search functionality will make it easier to view the reports you want. Instead of scrolling through your list of accounts and drilling down to individual profiles, you can now just type a search for the profile name. A list of matches appears as you type.

Click the image to the right for a more detailed view of this new feature.

Report Caching

Mobile GA now caches reports as you view them to make switching between charts and reports faster.


We made improvements to make Mobile GA a more stable application. From a software perspective, phones are inherently unstable environments. With further testing and improvements, however, we have made Mobile GA more reliable and consistent for real-world scenarios.

We have also modified the code to reflect changes that Google has made to their API. Mobile GA is now fully compliant with the most recent updates to the API.

Accurate Charts

A few tweaks to our calculations also make the charts and graphs more accurate and usable.


As always, if you have any questions or problems with Mobile GA, please consult our FAQ or contact us.

About Mobile GA

Mobile GA is a mobile application for accessing your Google Analytics reports securely. It uses the new Google Analytics API.

Currently, it is only available for the Android operating system. An iPhone version is under development.