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Google Analytics Application Gallery

Google announced the introduction of an application gallery with tools for Google Analytics. We are proud that their list of tools includes two of our own: LinkTagger and Mobile GA.

We encourage users to leave comments and reviews for these tools.

What Does the Application Gallery Mean?

The Application Gallery marks the beginning of an epoch for Google Analytics. GA is getting used more and more as a data warehouse for other tools and applications instead of just a stand-alone analytical tool.

This move facilitates and encourages developers to create tools that integrate with GA data. Some of these will make it easier for end-users to administer GA, some will help with analysis, but a whole bunch of them will start using the data in creative ways that nobody has thought of before.

All of this follows on Google's theme of open-sourcing projects and trusting the community at large to mark out the path forward.

In short, this move will expand Google Analytics' usefulness, and it will expedite its adoption.